Photo Albums

   We have tried here to add some of the memories of our past together.  If you have pages from your scrapbook celebrating our class accomplishments, we would love to add them to this section.  Scan them and attach them to an email to us at and they will be added as soon as possible.

If you have digital images, you may upload load them by clicking on the appropriate button below. We have a fixed limit on the number we can display so there is no guarantee that all will be viewable forever but there is a very good chance.  Thank you for sharing great memories!

60 Year Hopkins High School Reunion
60 Year Hopkins High School Reunion
60 Year Hopkins High School Reunion
HHS 55th Reunion Album
Ruth Illies Licht and Connie Johnson Toavs hanging Warrior Banner
40th & 50th Reunion Committee pictures; Memorials page; Larrys obituary
Committee: Connie Johnson Toavs,Nancy Tank Keeley,Laura Pederson Polymeros,Ruth Illies Licht,
Back Row: Terry Stodola,Tim Peterson,Verna Quinn McCabe,Darrell Kempfert,Tom Johnson
lst Row: C.Johnson,J.Maddox,R.Illies,
2nd: V.Quinn,D.Goebel,J.Hunt,L.Baer,
Last row: D.Fernkes,R.Jacobson,
Right:Pete Pfeiffer & Luanne Finch missed group photo. Others who missed group photo:B.Klobe, B.ONeill,J.Lutter,G.Larson,S.Aspelin,
Left front Judy Maddox. Back: Ruth Illies with Tom Johnsons wife, Mary.
Karla Kempfert,D.Kempfert remembering high school days with Paul Wyman & Tim Peterson.John Bloberger and wife, Marj, seated at next table.
Top right: A.Flanders,P.Russell,Gary Larson,V.Quinn,B.ONeill reminiscing
Rick Jacobson and Larry Baer chatting
Larry Baer & Connie Johnson
50th Reunion - New Memories #1
50th Reunion - New Memories #2
50th Reunion - New Memories #3
Our 40 Year Reunion
A classmate's memories from Burwell
4th grade, Alice Smith School, Mrs. Falk.  Looks as though Bing Johnson was already bothering me!....